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Commercial Waste Bins York

York Waste is an excellent solution for companies that want their waste to be stored and managed in accordance with waste regulations and laws. Since our bins are constructed to be able to accommodate both general waste and hazardous waste, as well as compactable industrial waste, we are ideal for a wide range of businesses. Our team of dedicated waste collectors can regularly collect your commercial waste for you and offer you free bins to store your waste. Whether you need wheelie bins that are similar in size to home bins or skips and waste compactors, we offer the full range of waste disposal containers for your commercial needs. Get in touch with us today by calling 01904 295 130

Wheelie Bins York

For waste management in commercial areas, wheelie bins are clearly the most popular container. Our group will recommend the right container size for you based on the four sizes available. The four sizes have wheels and lockable lids, so no one else can use the container. Contact us today to learn what type of bin your waste should be kept in and if you’d like us to handle it. You can determine how many times you would like the collection to happen. For more information on container dimensions and types, please call 01904 295 130.

Wheelie Bins Dimensions

1100 litre wheelie bin: This 1100 litre container is suitable for trash that includes cardboard waste, mixed recyclables, and overall waste. A wheel security brake system, a lock, and easy maneuvering makes this container an ideal choice.

660 litre wheelie bin: This 660-litre container measures 1.3m by 1.4m by 1.1m and is ideal for all kinds of general rubbish, cardboard, and recycled blends. A wheel security braking system is built into these containers, and they are both lockable and easily maneuverable.

360 litre wheelie bin container: 360-litre open containers with locking options are suitable for all types of general rubbish, cardboard, dry mixed recyclables, and glass waste. These containers measure 1.2m x 1.4m x 0.7m and feature two wheels for exceptional mobility.

In addition to being easy to use and operate, our commercial wheelie bins have the capacity to hold a substantial amount of waste. You can move the bin easily thanks to those casters that have in-built brake controls. Generally, the volume of waste that can be disposed of in a wheelie bin depends on its size, but a large wheelie bin can hold 12 to 15 waste bin bags. Those within this weight range weigh between 45 and 90 kilograms. Contact us today to arrange your personal bin collection or check out our convenient ‘man with a van’ rubbish removal service.

Skips and Skips Bags

These bags are sturdy, large, and waterproof. Usually, skip bags are rented from a waste management company like York Waste, who picks them up once they’ve filled them up. If waste is being disposed of on a smaller scale,  using skips bags can be a much easier and simpler way for you to get rid of it. Small-scale waste collection can be made easier and more economical through skip bags.

York Waste provides free wheelie bins for businesses, including delivery, which is a huge benefit. Furthermore, our collection services are extremely competitively priced; in fact, we offer a price guarantee, so you are guaranteed to pay the lowest rate. Our service can be arranged in less than an hour if you complete the form on the right, or you can call us for an estimate over the phone, so there is no need to wait around or deal with complicated logistics.

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