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As part of our continuous commitment to reduce your carbon footprint, we use both mechanical and optical sorting technologies to maximize recycling rates. If you would like a call back, we can be reached at 01904 295 130 or you can fill out the form to the right.In the UK, glass waste and other kinds of waste are managed by a variety of laws, regulations, and rules. We can also instruct you on what container or wheelie bin to use for recycling glass waste, how to label them properly, and what day and time your glass waste needs to be collected. We recycle glass waste across a variety of businesses and industries, so please do not hesitate to give us a call at 01904 295 130.

Glass can be recycled indefinitely without losing its strength or purity. So we can protect and regenerate this valuable resource, we must take advantage of recycling programs. Due to its ease of recycling, glass has become one of the most commonly recycled items today. Aside from its purity and its speedy recycling, glass is also relatively easy to manufacture.

What is Glass Waste Management?

Glass waste management refers to the process of storing, collecting, transporting, and recycling glass waste.A glass is made using sand, soda ash, limestone, and cullet, which is scrap glass that is ready for the furnace. Due to its ease of breaking, and the danger it poses to those sorting recyclables, glass is often collected in its own container. To help you cut costs in recycling and maximize your glass recycling numbers, York Waste offers free bins to store your recyclable glass in. Manufacturers of new glass containers must continually use recycled glass containers in order to meet market demand.

Glass is commonly made from sand and cullet that are combined then heated at high temperatures. Once the glass has been formed, it is shaped into the desired shape, such as bottles or jars. Glass is also easily broken, and you might be tempted to break your glass to save space, but that is not advisable as glass is made of different components and needs to be sorted at the recycling centers before being recycled. Glass waste should be stored separately from other waste in wheelie bins.

Glass Waste Recycling Process York

Ensure that the glass waste you store in your premises is mostly clean or free of other contaminants, such as food. By storing your glass waste in separate bins, you can ensure that your waste is separated and void of contaminants. The recycling centers can sort glass waste for you according to its colour, so you don’t need to do it.

Sorting and separation:  Glass recycling involves sorting and separating the types of glass based on their intended uses. It is not possible to remove colors applied to glass once they are applied. This means that coloured glass can be reused only to make new glasses of the same color. In order for glass to be recycled, different shades of it must first be separated or they can be combined to form fiberglass or concrete ingredients.

Crushing and melting: In the next step, the material is crushed, heated, and molded into new bottles and jars. But before the crushing and after the sorting, the glass needs to be washed first to remove contaminants. 

We provide a full glass recycling service at Southport Waste, making glass waste recycling and disposal more cost-effective and efficient. Several types of businesses produce glass waste and all of them require glass waste management solutions. Additionally, recycling reduces waste disposal costs thanks to its tendency to be cheaper than landfills or other disposal methods.

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