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We prioritize environmental protection at York Waste. We are providing our services in order to assist small  and big businesses alike and our clients in adopting more eco-friendly practices. We have developed valuable partnerships with plastic recycling businesses, and we are committed to delivering customised plastic waste management services. Working together, we can take advantage of new opportunities. 

Plastic is a life-changing material, but the very characteristics that make it useful—combined with poor waste management—have resulted in a global environmental crisis through plastic waste. Call us on 01904 295 130 to get your tailored quote that is suitable for your needs. Were available 24/7.

What is Plastic Waste? 

Plastic waste is discarded plastic debris. It generates a lot of waste because to the ease with which it can be disposed of. As a result, massive volumes of plastic waste are generated, as plastic is discarded when it is no longer needed. Because of its widespread usage and popularity, as well as the fact that it does not disintegrate, it is critical that it be recycled appropriately and responsibly when it becomes waste. We can extend the life of plastic products and reduce plastic waste by reusing and recycling them to the greatest extent practicable.

Because of how easily it can be disposed of, it generates a substantial amount of waste. As a result, massive amounts of plastic waste are produced when plastic is discarded after it has served its purpose. It is critical that it be properly recycled when it becomes waste, given its widespread usage, popularity, and incapacity to break down.

How is Plastic Recycled?

Plastic recycling is an important aspect of the plastics industry’s production process. The process of reclaiming and reusing waste plastics entails employing recycled plastics to create new items. Plastic is produced and consumed in excess of one trillion pounds around the world. Plastic can be recycled to a significant extent, avoiding landfills, rivers, and the oceans. Instead of tossing away old plastics, you can recycle them to make new ones.

We can reduce the demand for new plastic by using recycled plastic bottles and other things. Collecting discarded plastic objects from businesses is the initial stage in plastic recycling. We’ll collect the plastic and transport it to facilities where it’ll be separated into several categories. Plastics exist in a wide range of sizes, colors, thicknesses, and applications. Recycling machines classify plastics into different categories based on their qualities in this process.

To remove impurities such as labels, adhesives, and food leftovers, thoroughly wash plastic garbage after separation and sorting. If non-plastic garbage is recycled alongside plastic waste, the finished product’s structural integrity may be jeopardized. 

After all of the sorting and washing is completed, the plastic will either be melted and molded into a new shape or melted and processed into granules. Granules are little pellets formed by melting and compacting plastic pieces. Small particles are mashed together and melted into plastic pellets during compounding. Plastic pellets can now be recycled or used as raw materials to make new plastic items. Plastic pellets are transported to plastic production plants in order to make plastic items.

Managing Plastic Waste

If not properly managed, plastic may pose an environmental risk for generations. When plastics are worn down, they quickly break down in pieces. However, their polymer chains break down only at extremely high temperatures, which is what happens during chemical recycling. Plastic waste however is only recycled today to a limited extent. The ‘linear economy’ paradigm, often known as ‘take-make-discard,’ is still widely employed around the world, in which raw materials are used to build items that are then discarded after their short lifespans.

We can change to a more sustainable model by remembering to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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