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Our computer recycling services can help your business safely dispose of its old computers as part of a cost-effective service you can have complete confidence in. Call us today for a free quote.

Computer Recycling for Rotherham

The utilization of landfill for disposal of hazardous computer waste was restricted in 2005. Further constraints were imposed via the inclusion of the small directive. Because of this, businesses are now required to apply specialist, professional, licensed recyclers in the disposal of Electronic waste such as Computer Hardware.

Waste Management York is a professional, redundant asset recycler, offering the disposal of waste computer equipment in York. Our option satisfies the small directive and incorporates employees with backgrounds in both IT and waste management:

MCSE capable Employees (Microsoft Technician)
Friendly, helpful support staff, offering a rapid booking service.
CRB assessed Collection Staff for added security
WAMITAB/ CIWM qualified waste management employees

Media Destruction

The service offers York Companies a security mindful recycling alternative for redundant Computer Hardware. Our solutions include the management of data security and disc overwrite services:

Binary wiping of Hard Disk Drives to US (DOD), UK (CESG), Canadian OPs
Granulating of Optical media including cds, DVDs and solid state media (USB memory sticks)
Shredding of Tapes and Magnetic Storage
Manual dismantling of hard drives, chopping & grinding of the storage platters

Our service offers full certification at the conclusion of the procedure, recording media that we received, processed and ruined.

A Professional, Ethical Recycling Service

Waste Management York covers the disposal of any IT related equipment. The service takes hazardous computer waste, including CRT monitors, TFT screens, laptops, universal power supplies and scanners. Backed by a rigorous waste management system and data destruction procedure, we offer our York customers:

Non Landfill of hardware
Reuse of newer, working equipment inside the UK
Non Export of Dangerous Computer Waste
Professional treatment of waste .
Retrieval of raw materials from defective/ Outdated hardware.

As a licensed solution provider, Waste Management York offers conformance with the WEEE directive and through the usage of strict control measures, security for Rotherham businesses.

Fully Accredited Service

Waste Management York is filed with relevant government bodies for the supply of an ICT disposal service and is backed by:

Professional, trained removal staff.
A licensed Waste Carrier Service
Authorised Treatment plant (Waste Electronic/ company waste)
Requisite professional insurances.
WEEE AATF- Ability to issue evidence notes for small recycling.
Public indebtedness and Professional indemnity insurances

Our alternative was made to take all types of Office connected e-waste. We re-deploy raw materials, expressed from your dated IT through UK remanufacturing plants and have developed a system which allows for finest restoration practises

Advantage Tracking & Reporting

Our service tracks your hazardous waste through the decommissioning stream, from it is point of collection to treatment and healing of resources. From it is collection in York to final disposal at our treatment facility, we offer our customers full traceability:

Advantage tracking reports, recording equipment destroyed and disposal routes
Overall certificates detailing redundant IT recycled, including recovered materials
Reporting of hazardous wastes removed from your premises to the Environment Agency
Employing the services of Local Waste Management enhances your company’ Environmental credentials by demonstrating a dedication to the reduction of Business waste.

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