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The recycling services we offer across York can help your business reduce the volume of waste it sends to landfill, reducing costs and helping to increase the sustainability of your business.

Added Services Offered By Local Waste Management

Waste Management York are not only a ‘waste’ business. As part of our full array of services to help you in attaining Absolute Waste Management Conformity we additionally provide a wide variety of additional services covering these areas of expertise:

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Awarded to Waste Management York in September 2001 for Waste Disposal Services to the Printing & Photographic Industry. The system comprises absolute audit trail and non conformance issues to alarm both customer site and waste management company. Additionally in 2003 Waste Management York were given the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development (For Services to the Printing & Photographic Industry) – the first company in our field to achieve this coveted award.

On Site Consultation From Our Customer Care Team

Using our extensive knowledge of waste management we will enable you to deal with your waste, reduce your waste and reduce environmental impact. Whether you’re preparing for ISO14001 or ISO18001 accreditation or enhancing quality management, our specialists are here to help.

Website Audits
Waste Management York offer complete site audits that will help you handle your waste flows and to counsel on matters including containment and other vital issues.

Quarterly Reports
If required, each quarter you will be sent an upgraded trade history on all waste flows, plus any relevant waste management advice including any changes in legislation.

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors
Since 1st January 2000, in the event you’re involved in the packaging or transport of any hazardous goods, whether waste or not, you require a named ‘Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor’ (DGSA). We’re completely qualified to fulfil you legal duties.

Legal & Technical Guidance
If we do not know the solution we likely know somebody who does. Please contact our Customer Care Department who’ll endeavour to source the information you need. Maybe you have misplaced a consignment note? It truly is a legal requirement to keep your consignment notes, transfer notes and program copies. Copies of documentation are available from Waste Management York’s head office.

Analytical Support
Quality checks, material evaluation, independent testing or effluent monitoring are available.

Identifying Waste
The onus is on the waste producer, i.e. the printer or photographic central processing unit, to identify the waste created and evaluate whether it should be considered Exceptional or Controlled Waste. Controlled Waste is any commercial or industrial waste including non-hazardous waste. Special Waste is any Controlled Waste which is regarded as hazardous under the “Special Waste Regulations 1996”. Regulations are complex requiring every product to be identified by different chemical components within the waste; the risk and concentration of each and every part has to be evaluated against prescribed thresholds.

Certain waste flows are still being reviewed by the Environment Agency to find out whether they may, in fact, be regarded as “Special”. If in any doubt it’s crucial that you consult the chemical supplier, Environment Agency, or your waste management company for clarification. It is additionally vital that you notice that generally, due to changes which take place during processing and dilution, printing and photographic waste is subject to change prior to disposal, thus, the information supplied on the Manufacturers Health & Safety Data Sheet applies to the consigning of the waste material.

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